Accelerated Pilot Training Courses

  • Accelerated Flight training:

    - You have a few weeks to dedicate to your flight training?

    - You started training elsewhere and want to finish up quickly in a full time environment?

    - You heard that you can save a lot of money by training full time?

    We can help.

    Keep in mind that NO prepayments are required, the program is strictly pay as you go.

    Van Nuys Flight School Accelerated Pilot Training

  • Medical Exam (required):

    We require that you obtain this exam before the accelerated training starts to avoid potential delays for unexpected reasons.

  • Knowledge Test (required):

    We require that you start and mostly complete the knowledge test before the actual accelerated flight training. This is not necessary for part time training but essential for full time students.

  • Final Flight Test (schedule required):

    It is possible that no flight test appointments are available in certain weeks, you need to plan ahead at least 4 weeks for this.

  • TSA authorization (for non-USA citizens):

    In case you are not a US citizen, the US government agency TSA requires additional processing. This has to be accomplished before the training can start.

    Van Nuys Flight School Training Aircraft

  • Starting flight training:

    You can start your training with us anytime but we need advance notice to arrange your full time schedule.

    Accelerated flight training courses compress all lessons into a few weeks rather than months, keep in mind that your required preparation for the course is considerable.

    Some of the things you (the student) will have to accomplish before arriving for training:

    - Pass your FAA Knowledge Test

    - Complete your IACRA student pilot certificate application

    - Get your medical certificate

    - Complete our homework assignments including aircraft manual quizzes and flight plan assignments

    - Study our maneuver guide and review the FAA ACS

    - Review our checklists and procedure guides

    Your full time accelerated flight schedule means completing typically two flights and one simulator session per day.

    For some pilots who may have already had some flight experience and passed their knowledge test our short 14 training day program may be of interest.

    If you are just starting out you may require considerably more time, from four to six weeks depending on the individual.

  • Training times:

    Any time during daylight hours, any day, weekends, holidays. Accelerated schedules usually demand several sessions per day.

  • Van Nuys Flight School C152 Training Aircraft

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